Thursday, 29 March 2012

A long hiatus… Hopefully this run will not end…

It’s been a long time since I was on blogging scene. This day job has taken the life out of me. Though I was active on twitter, but there was always a lingering thought that something has gone amiss, my blogs.

Now like Dwayne 'The Rock’ Johnson I can also say, “Finally I am Back to Blogging.” And hopefully like him don’t disappear again for a long period and be available only on twitter (Read via satellite :D).

Now coming back to business on hand. Lot has happen since I was active; hence lot has to be said too. Firstly, take that you SPUDS!!! A short Rap to honour them.

Watch the gap was what u said, but you forgot North London will always remain RED.
You said this is your best season for long, well go and cry coz this aint your song.
 ‘Arry says Facking Tirrific season will be back on line, well it looks like a spoilt baby’s whine!
Saha, van der Vart and Parker says they will be finishing the season above us, I say go shove it up your ass!
You said Saint totteringham's day would be a no show this year, we would be celebrating with beer after beer.
Your season got derailed after coming to Emirates Pitch, remember you’ll always remain Arsenal’s BITCH!!!’

Hopefully you liked it. If yes do let me know about it and let the world know too. It always feels good to be praised. :). And if not, then also let the world know… :)

Meanwhile Na$ri has said being on bench has made him a better player? Really? Really? And stupid I, always thought that if you are on pitch and playing will make you better. Maybe I have been watching this sport all wrong! Maybe I was a dunce not to notice that how immaculate a player can actually become staying on bench! You made me realize my mistake you money chasing moron.
Anyways moving ahead, coming to the news doing the rounds today on all website and newspapers. Arsenal is planning to offload players. Again to this I say really? Really? Really? This is like a dream come true. Who in the world would have imagined that Arsene would actually do it? Raise your hand if you really thought so… I am in so much awe of these reporters, first because they come up with this new enthralling news (I must add all collectively) and second who is the source of this extremely sensitive news and he should be fired if working in AFC. Stupid cunts don’t realize that giving this kind of info to us, they are just losing their credibility.

On the team front we are on a 7 games winning run and that’s not a small feat. We have benefited undoubtedly by returning full backs and seeing a spirited Lil Mozart. He has been heart of things currently with Arteta. What this has done is it has shown Ramsey that he needs to be more creative in final third and more clinical in his finishing; otherwise there are other players to take his place. Now as a Gooners this is one situation I really like, competition, because this ups everyone’s game and the results are for everyone to see. The same situation has happened with Walcott, who because of the emergence of Ox has really notched up his game. There are two reasons for it and can be a third too. Firstly, Ox would replace him in Arsenal squad if he doesn’t do well. Secondly, in couple of years he will replace him in English squad as well if he keeps playing like he has been doing in his first season at AFC. And thirdly, he might want to move out of Arsenal and hence showing his suitors what he can do.

Till next time. Follow me on Twitter at @OnTheGunPoint if you like what I write. Meantime lets Up The Arse and win the QPR game.


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