Friday, 6 July 2012

This summer is going to be Legend… Wait for it….. Oh DRAB!!! Not this again!!!!

These were the exact words which came out of my mouth on 4th July! I know everybody has been talking about ‘Peter Pettigrew’ and ‘Dumbledore’ and how the ‘Ministry of Magic’ has been treating them and us ‘Muggles’!!! Now I don’t want to linger on the same topic, because what I want to say has already been said, and what I don’t want to say has also been said. We all know how ‘Death Eaters’ always circle to find a weak link and how they lure all the peters away from ministry of magic!!! And how successful there are in doing so is for all to see!!!

The point is this all fits with our situation today. Peters are Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy, Kolo,Cesc and now most probably Persie aka New Peter Pettigrew I guess!!! Dumbledore is none other than AW aka Le Boss, whose powers are becoming weaker day by day, after he touched the cursed ring of Emirates Stadium!!! Ministry of Magic is Kroenke and Co. who is so boorish that they can’t see the demise of this empire!!! We all are muggles, because we don’t know what is going inside the ministry, we only hear some hush voices to make us realize there is something or somebody out there and might be doing something!!!! Death Eaters, come on now this is easy one, take ManShitty, Chelshit, Barcelona (aka Dopers and actors) etc etc to get into this elite group.

Enough with this JK Rowling linguistics, but I hope I have made myself quite clear. We Gooners have seen a lot in past 7 years. We have seen legends leave, great players leave, good players leave, cunts leave and yeah no trophies. AFC’s ambitions have been confined to reaching CL at any cost and that has been fulfilled by AW. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when I see players leaving for pastures new! Tell me a single person who won’t leave their current job if their salary is tripled or doubled? Or if the company he is working would never compete with the big players in its field for top honors?

Answers are quite simple; Loyalty is always going to be for fans and not footballers, footballers are employees! From my perspective, it doesn’t matter how much I loved SAP Labs as a kid, it doesn’t mean I won’t leave the company if somebody else gives me a great offer! So people looking for loyalty in footballers, my request is to stay away from that word. We should be loyal to club and love it as it is. This doesn't mean we should stop expecting!!! We should definitely expect but also be realistic (Believe me, it does reduce the pain!!!)

This bring me to other point now, R&W holdings has asked questions from Board regarding why Persie is leaving and why we (Gooners) have to go through the same trauma again and again. This seems a valid point to me. I don’t know the internal politics, but from outside I, just like David Dean, would have wanted Usmanov on the board and better still be the owner instead of Kroenke. If other teams can have surplus cash to spend from their owners, why the hell we don’t get any? Self sustaining model aside (which BTW wont grant us financial fair play status, if we don’t qualify for CL any year!!!), I really feel he would have made the club more competitive in fighting for top laurels!!! I know many bloggers and reporters and experts and Gooners who wont agree to what I am saying, but this is my thinking as I don’t want to see other clubs winning everything every year. We are always so close yet so far!!!

Anyways, there are few things I have noticed, if we keep on running the club as we are now, there would be a time when we would be booing every Manshitty player on field!!! Also I would now like to know from the fans who would they boo more, Nasri or Persie or Cesc? Cesc decided not to play for us as he wanted to leave for Barca!!! Persie, ridiculed the club and also made his desire to leave public!!! Nasri on the other hand did play for us when needed, he didn’t disrespected the club and fans until he was booed, called cunt etc etc. Now tell me who is the favorite son of all??? If I was called cunt repeatedly I would have also blown my fuse. I am not saying that Nasri is a gem of a person or he is the best, just saying even when he wanted to leave he was professional, but others are not!!!

Now the next hurdle to cross is to get Walcott, Song and other player’s signature as soon as possible. If they are not willing, then let’s sell them and buy players on long term and hope we can get quality and loyalty!!! Amen to that.

Until next time. Lets be upbeat about the next season and Up The Arse!!! Follow me on twitter @OnTheGunPoint for a nice conversation about the club we love ARSENAL!!!


Anonymous said...

good article mate,just wanna let you know that harry pothead is a shit,satanic book(do your own research).that is all..

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!! Satanic??? These US television crime series has really corrupted many a minds!!! You are one of them!!! A children book satanic??? Man you need a new hobby soon!!!

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